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What should be paid attention to when using brush cutter?

The brush cutter is a two-stroke power, you should pay attention to the power, use and cutting tools in use to ensure the normal use of the machine:

1. Engine:

A. For qualified gasoline and engine oil, ensure their mixing ratio (25:1);

B. Regularly (25 hours) check and replace the air filter to check the spark plug;

C. After working on a tank of oil, you should rest for 10 minutes, and clean the loose gasket of the machine after each work to ensure heat dissipation;

D. When storing, you must clean the body, drain the mixed fuel, and burn the fuel in the vaporizer; remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml of two-stroke engine oil to the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times, and install the spark plug.

2. Transmission: Regularly (25 hours) add grease to the gearbox, and at the same time add grease to the joint between the upper part of the drive shaft and the clutch disc.

3. Knife: The length of the nylon cable head should be controlled <=15cm. When using the blade, the balance of the blade should be ensured, and the blade with vibration should not be used.