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The correct way to store the brush cutter

After a whole year of heavy work, it's time to give your brush cutter a break. To ensure you have a good start after winter, there are a few things to keep in mind when storing it.

Here we give you some useful tips:

1. Empty the fuel tank

Before you store the machine, wipe the machine and empty the fuel tank completely. In order to empty the carburetor, let the machine idle until the engine stops. Check the machine for any dirt and let it dry completely.

Second, check the spark plug

Remove the spark plug and check. If the spark plug electrode is light reddish brown, then there is no problem. If not, the spark plug may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Three, check the metal cutting blade

Remove the metal cutting edge and clean it. Check for any damage and protect it from corrosion.

Fourth, store the mowing rope

To maintain the elasticity of the mowing line, remove the rope shaft from the mowing head and store it in a damp place. Two or three days before the start of the new season, soak in water to maintain elasticity and softness

5. Space-saving storage

The brush cutter is easy to hang up and store. The handle can be folded to save space.