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Backpack Gas Leaf Blower Gasoline Snow Blowers 65/76 CC 2-Stroke Engine

Backpack Gas Leaf Blower Gasoline Snow Blowers 65/76 CC 2-Stroke Engine(图1)

The machine is a light, flexible and efficient environmental protection tool, mainly used for urban road cleaning,sweeping fallen leaves,road dust,garbage etc. can also used for snow removal in winter greenhouses and engineering road walls.Dust the base layer before asphalt paving or painting.

2 cycle 65/76cc engine provide big power,less emissions, more efficient fuel consumption and less noisy. It has a strong cycle engine and maximum fan speed.

This leaf blower has a huge air volume, can provide you with the maximum wind speed under your immediate control, is suitable for spacious spaces and helps you quickly clean home garden. It has speed and blowing direction control function, press the strigger to control blowing speed, the turban fan can be adjusted to 6800 rpm. You can control the cruise handle to maintain a steady blow speed and reduce the press on your arms.

Our leaf blower is designed with a padded backrest, adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt, which can reduce your physical fatigue and strain,suitable for household  and commercial use. it provides effective antivibration function and can absorb vibration. Thereby minimizing the pressure on the arm and hand. Its design can also emit low noisy, so you do not need to worry about working in the residential areas.